Dental  Crowns are our specialty at Oakleigh


If you have a broken or discoloured tooth, have lost a tooth or have worn your teeth down through grinding, a crown can be the perfect solution. Don’t think of them as those caps your parents had on their teeth that always seemed to be coming out – our modern crowns are stronger than ever and should match the rest of your teeth perfectly, so nobody will know the difference.

How do dental crowns work?

A crown, unlike a veneer, encases the whole tooth. It is a custom made porcelain replica of a tooth which slots over any remaining tooth structure like a cap, or is attached to a titanium implanted ‘root’ in cases where the tooth has been removed.

Dental Crown verses Veneer

The reason for using a dental crown instead of a dental veneer is that when a tooth is damaged beyond repair and a large amount of the tooth structure has been lost, more material is needed to rebuild it. A veneer covers only the front part of the tooth, whereas a crown is essentially a replacement for the tooth, needing only a small portion of the original tooth to cling to.

How are dental crowns fitted?

The dental crown procedure happens over two appointments at our Oakleigh dental clinic. During the first appointment our specialised dentist will take x-rays to ensure the root of the tooth is strong. After this, the damaged tooth will need to be filed down to make room for the crown.  In other cases, where a large amount of the tooth has been lost due to damage or decay, we might actually need to use a filler to build up the remaining structure. The amount of tooth that needs removing, or filler that is required, varies with each patient as every mouth is unique.

We will then take impressions of the tooth and of the surrounding teeth (to ensure the new crown does not affect your bite). Then we will attach a temporary crown to protect the vulnerable tooth while you wait for your next appointment.

The second appointment is to attach the crown, which will have been crafted in the lab to perfectly fit your tooth and mouth to give the most comfortable results. After the temporary crown is removed, the permanent crown is cemented in place.

Caring for your dental crown

A thorough oral hygiene routine is vital for the health of your teeth. A crown is the same as a normal tooth in many ways and will need to be cared for as such, with regular brushing and flossing. Just because the real tooth is capped off does not mean that it is indestructible. The gum and tooth underneath are still at risk of decay if not well cared for.

How long do dental crowns last?

A well looked after crown can last for up to 15 years, our Station Square Dental dentists are here to help support your entire oral health and make sure you get the greatest longevity out of your new dental crown.
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